Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day One...(not really)

Just cause.  How many of you can actually justify the lens collections you have?  Where is that first 50mm lens you far down are you?

It's a weird world out there post mirrorless cameras.  Things have changed when dSLRs where seen with lenses other than their own and now the scene has changed again with mirrorless interchangeable lens compacts.  People began combing their antic, the local garage sale and the good ol' eBay for old film lenses and other optical relics to slap on their cameras.

For the first time, photographers are choosing the cameras to mount on their lenses and not the other way around.  Its a peculiar thing.

Anyhow, welcome to my blog.  (I just created this blog and already got 9 page views...what does this look like? Lens Buyers Anonymous?)  I used to group stuff on flickr but my account expired some ways back and I lost contact with the community.  Chances are you have come across this blog with interest in old lenses.  I haven`t gotten as adventurous or crazy as some but hopefully I can give you an idea what some of these lenses are capable of and a reason to add another dimension to your camera...I mean photography.

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